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InfraMation 2010 Proceedings

InfraMation 2010 (486 pages) - Table of Contents 

Infrared Thermography: Its Use and Application for Detecting Infectious Diseases in Wildlife and Domestic Animals - Shy10 R. Johnson and Mike R. Dunbar, USOA/APHISJVVS/National Wildlife Research Center

Safety-Related Maintenance Practices - Mike Moore, Shermco Industries Inc

"CRAC" (Computer Room Air Conditioner) the Code - John Cannamela, IS:: Building Diagnostics

Five Years of Infrared Results at CNA - March 2005 through June 2010 - IR Thermography Saves Energy and Avoids Losses for CNA Clients - Thomas Gray, CNA Insurance

Assessment of Concrete Bridge Structures Using Infrared Thermography - D. S. Prakash Rao, University of the West Indies

Improved Sensitivity for Blower Door Thermography Using Image Subtraction - F. Pinno. K.P. Mollmann and M. Vollmer, Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Two-Color or Ratio Thermal Imaging - Potentials and Limits - KP. Mollmann, F. Pinno, M. Vollmer, Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Measurements of Sun and Moon with IR Cameras: Effects of Air Mass - M. Vollmer, KP. Mollmann, F. Pinno, Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

New Book on IR Imaging: The Ultimate Resource for All Users - M. Vollmer, KP Mollmann, Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

A Randomized Single-Blinded Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial for Assessing Effects of Acupuncture at Hegu (Li4) by Infrared Thermography - Kamayni Agarwal , Center for Palliative Care and Pain Medicine, T.I.P.S! Hamburg, Germany

Cold Air in Boston: A High-Rise Wants It Out and a Grocery Chain Wants It Kept In - Dave Sawyer, Sawyer Infrared.com

Practical Heat Transfer Concepts for Thermographers ..• Without the Math - Robert P. Madding, RPM Energy Associates, LLC

IR Remote Sensing to Measure Human Stress Level - Marcos Leal Brioschi, Jorge Eduardo Fouto Matias, Manoel Jacobsen Teixeira, Jose Viriato Vargas, Sao Paolo University Hospital, Brazil

Automated Computer Diagnosis of IR Medical Imaging - Marcos Leal Brioschi, Jorge Eduardo Fouto Matias, Manoel Jacobsen Teixeira, Jose Viriato Vargas, Sao Paolo University Hospital, Brazil

Use of Thermal Imaging in Managing Injury in the Working and Performance Dog - Kimberly Henneman, DVM, FAA VA, CVA, CVC, Animal Health Options

Synchronized Thermography and PIV (Particle Imaging Velocimetry) Fluid Flow Measurements - John S. Allen, In Mei Sou, Christopher N. Layman, College of Engineering, University of Hawaii-Manoa

Detection of Defects in Pipelines Using Transient Analysis of Thermal-Induced Flux - G. Basile, C. Clienti, G.A. Fargione, A.L. Geraci, A. Risitano, Universita di Catania, Italy

Thermography Reveals 5-Star Design Does Not Always Result in a 5-Star Building - Blair Freeman, EnergyLeaks Pty Ltd., Australia

Application of Infrared Imagery for Understanding Wildfire Dynamics - Janice Coen, National Center for Atmospheric Research, John Daily, University of Colorado, and Shankar Mahalingam, University of Alabama

Rebuilding Green vs. Re-Greening/Remediation - "A Cost-Benefit Analysis Utilizing the Art of Thermography" - Aryn Sieber, The CSI Company dba PremierIR

Using Thermal Imaging to Evaluate University Campus Structures in Preparation for Weatherization Repair - Robert Choate, PE, CRE and Thomas Choate, Western Kentucky University

IR Thermographic Inspection of Complex Emergency Power Supply Equipment in Critical Mega-Facilities - Iqbal Z.A. Shaikh, MultiOptions Technical Services L.L.C

Coating and Characterization of Energetic Materials - Doug Compton, Dr. Emily Hunt, and Dr. Matt Jackson, West Texas A&M University

Beware What You Cannot See: A Practical Application of the Use of IR Windows - John Pace, Energy Northwest

The Critical Role of Infrared Cameras in Remediating Sodium Residue from the Cooling Loops of Experimental Breeder Reactor II at the Idaho National Laboratory - Kevin L. Young, Mike Hart, Communication Designs, Inc. and Jeffrey D. Jones, Kirk Dooley, CH2M-WG, Idaho LLC

Automatic U-Value Measurement by Local Thermographic Analysis - Ermanno Grinzato, Fabio Peron, Paolo Bison, Italy

Detection of Surface Defects on Sheet Metal Parts Using One-Shot Deflectometry in the Infrared Range - Zoltan Sarosi, Wolfgang Knapp, Andreas Kunz, Konrad Wegener, IWF, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

The Corpse Flower: A Thermographer's Perspective - Steve Mirowski and Steven Kramer, Advantage Infrared

Infrared Thermography Embodies True Green Construction - Ben T. Hixson, United Infrared

Cost-Effective Infrared Thermography for Roofing - Ben T. Hixson, United Infrared

Thermal Integrity Assessment of Building Envelopes of Experimental Houses Using Infrared Thermography - Kaushik Biswas, Jan Kosny and William Miller, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The Evaluation of Increase and Distribution of Temperature during Dental Drilling Using a Thermal Imaging Camera - Joanna Lubieniecka, Jerzy Lukasiewicz, Joanna Bozyk, MDS, Janusz Kleinrok, DMD, Poland

Consistent Semi-Annual Justification for Infrared Reports - Chris Crawford, Thermal Advantage LLC

Infrared Technology Helps Ensure Safety, Compliance, and Recovery of Lost Revenues on Offshore Production Facilities - Roger P. Cobert, NDTrak Technologies

Observing Water Absorption and Evaporation in Stucco through Cracks in Low Permeance Coating Applied over a Porous Stucco Substrate Using Infrared Thermography - Dominic L. Pusateri, R. J. Kenney Associates, Inc

Pre-, Intra-, and Postoperative Use of Dynamic Infrared Thermography (Dirt) Provides Valuable Information on Skin Perfusion in Perforator Flaps Used in Reconstructive Surgery - James B. Mercer, Louis de Weerd, Ashild Odden Miland, and Sven Weum, Norway

Thermal Imaging and Fitness - Jose Castro, Naval Surface Warfare Center

Can Color Pattern Analysis Be Used in Classifying Building Surfaces Delamination? - Nigel Ko, Infrared Engineering & Consultants Limited

Using Thermal Mapping at the Data Center - Gregory Stockton, CompuScanIR.com

NDT in Composite Materials with Flash, Transient, and Lock-In Thermography - Markus Tarin and Ralph Rotolante, MoviTHERM, Inc

Effects of Heat on Firearm Barrels - Matthew Iannone, Naval Surface Warfare Center

Detecting A Hi N1 in Tocumen International Airport in Panama - Juan C. Hidalgo, TERMOGRAM, Costa Rica

Application of Active Thermography for Detecting Material Defects in the Building Envelope - Henryk Nowak, Monika Kucypera, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

How to Calculate Vapor Velocities Using a GasfindlR Camera - Erik Mischker, Premier NOT Services. Inc

Lock-In Blower Door Technique to Enhance the Thermographic Visualization of Extremely Small Air Leaks - Raphael Danjoux, FUR Advanced Thermal Solutions, France and Roberto Rinaldi, FLIR Systems SRL, Italy

Predictive and Preventative Maintenance of Power Lines Using Thermographic Technology and Helicopters - Jason Street

Thermal Imaging of Power MOSFETS under Thermal Runaway Conditions - Jack Shue and Henning Leidecker, NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center

Electric Distribution System - Reliability Improvements Program - Gene Allen, North Attleborough Electric Department

Moisture Identification in Commercial Buildings: Determining Causation - Wes Carlton, The MBA Group

Primary Reformer Outlet Header Temperature Monitoring  - John Blazenko and Robert Dul, Agrium Inc

How Infrared Thermography Drives Building Energy Conservation Retrofit Techniques - David L. Jakovac, FDJ Engineering & Construction, PC

Thermographic Inspection of Stone Claddings in Real Facades - F. Cerdeira Perez, M. E. Vazquez, C. Varela, I. Goicoechea, University of Vigo

Thermal Imaging in the United States Navy - Russell Philipp and John Zabita, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division

Coat of Many Colors: Cases in Equine Thermal Imaging - Joanna L. Robson, DVM, Inspiritus Equine, Inc

Visualization of Air Flows with an Infrared Camera: Presentation of a Simple Technique and Examples of Data Analysis - Dr. Raphael Danjoux, FUR Advanced Thermal Solutions, France, Prof. Rafael Royo Pastor, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain, Prof. Sebastien Thunevin, Cedex, France

Evaluation of Reflectivity of Metal Parts by a Thermo-Camera - Zoltan Sarosi, Wolfgang Knapp, Andreas Kunz, Konrad Wegener, IWF, ETH Zurich, Switzerland