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InfraMation 2009 Proceedings

InfraMation 2009 (480 pages) - Table of Contents 

Commercial Air Barrier Testing And The Use Of IR Thermography In Evaluating The Barrier And Locating Air Leaks - Scott Wood, BCRA

Finding R-Values Of Sip And ICF Wall Construction With IR Thermography - Robert Madding, Infrared Training Center

Energy Loss Study At Liberty Baptist Church Using Infrared Thermography - Sean Benham, CNA Insurance

Evaluation Of Masonry Residential Buildings - William Decker, Decker Home Services

Interactive Three-Dimensional Visualization Of Building Envelope Systems Using Infrared Thermography And Sketchup - Alexander Schreyer, University of Massachusetts

Old And New: Application Of Blower Doors And Thermal Cameras - Michael Schneider, Infrared Imaging

Thermographic Inspections Of Building Envelope Ice Damming And Moisture Generated From Exterior And Interior Sources - David Jakovac, FDJ Engineering and Construction

Use Of The Blower Door W IR/Thermal Imaging For Residential Building Diagnostics - Howard Vics, Building Performance Consulting of NY

BOF Slag Detection Using a Long Wave IR Camera - Biswajit Chakraborty, Mecon Limited

Microscopic And High-Speed Thermal Imaging: A Powerful Tool In Physics R&D - Klaus Moellmann, University of Applied Sciences

IR Feedback Loops To Spotlights: Thermography And Contemporary Dancing - Michael Vollmer, University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg

Normalizing The E Values On A Printed Circuit Board - Rudie Bennett, Saab Avitronics

Pulsed Thermography For Aerospace Applications - Abbas Fahr, NRC Institute for Aerospace Research

IR imaging of gases: potential applications for CO2 cameras - Michael Vollmer, University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg

Solar Panel Inspection Using Lock-In Thermography - Markus Tarin, MoviTHERM (MoviMED)

Infrared Imaging Of "The Fallas," The Spanish Festival Of Fire - Jose Alonso, Institute for Energy Engineering, Polytechnic University of Valencia

Using Thermography to Assess the Reliability Of Electrical Power Systems - Giovanni Distefano, IMC Service SRL

One IR Electrical Find Leads To Another - Danny Mcinnis, FLIR Systems, Inc

Can Thermography Benefit Chronic Allergy Sufferers? - Keith Dibley, Inspector Green

IR Thermographic Inspection Of Complex Electrical Equipment In Large Mixed Use Mega Complex / Building With All In One Amenities - Commercial, Residential, Hospitality, Shopping, Entertainment, Sports And Leisure Facilities - Iqbal Shaikh, MultiOptions - M.O.G.T.

Design Considerations For An Infrared Vehicle To Inspect Overhead Electrical Equipment - Sidney Higa, Hawaiian Electric Co

Thermography Techniques Of GT Transformers - Mansi Alwosaibi, Saudi Electricity Company

Thermography As A Training Tool And Early Detection Device For Athletes - David Mello, Clearview Thermal Imaging

IR imaging of gases: quantitative analysis - Michael Vollmer, University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg

Correcting Small Loose Connections Big Power Savings - Larry Massey, Massey Technical Services, LLC

Infrared And Solar Energy - Paul Christoferson, Madsen, Kneppers & Associates Inc.

Mammals Communicate, Infrared Listens - Utilizing Infrared Imaging For Injury Identification - Peter Hopkins, United Infrared, Inc.

Thermo-Art, A New Direction For Thermographers - Marek Witoszek, Entire Building Services Ltd. and Thermoimage.com

"Infrared Goes On Safari" Cont'D - John Allinson, Allinson Infrared Inspection Services, Inc.

From A Dream To A Reality: Starting My Own Infrared Thermography Business - Joshua Page, Infrared Hi-Tech Solutions

Roof Moisture Intrusion Is Looking Up - Harley Denio, Oregon Infrared

The Continuing Story Of Power Plant Thermography - Michael Ralph, Exelon Nuclear, LaSalle Station

The Pertinent Use Of The Transitory State In Infrared Thermography - Karinna Body-Robe, Anatherm s.p.r.l.

Amputation And Surgical Reconstruction Of Fingers: Results Visualized By Contact-Free Infrared Thermal Imaging - Kamayni Agarwal, Center for Palliative Care and Pain Management, Doerenberg Medical Center

Non-Invasive Dermatological Monitoring: How Effects Of Interventions In Pressure Ulcers Can Be Visualized With The Aid Of Infrared Thermography - Monika Hagedorn, Doerenberg Medical Center

Solar Load And Reflection Effects And Respective Time Constants In Outdoor Building Inspections - Frank Pinno, University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg

IR Eval For A Cambridge Envelope Rehab - Dave Sawyer, Sawyer Infrared

Cave Hunting With Infrared - W. Bret Holland, Holland Infrared and American Infrared Consultants

The Condition Based Maintenance Toolbox - Khashayar Khazraei, Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics

Estimation Of Thermal Properties Of Materials With Infrared Thermography - Rafael Royo, ITC Spain

Thermal Imaging as a Development Tool for Super Efficient House Design - Graham Walford, Walford Technologies, Inc.

Compressed Air Leak Management: The Low Hanging Fruit That Can Help Fund Programs That Have Not Been Funded - Mark Goodman, UE Systems Inc.

Diversif-IR, "Expanding Your Infrared Vision…And Your Business!" - Peter Hopkins, United Infrared, Inc.

IR Trending And 1Hp Motors - Deborah Hays, Dmax Ltd.

NFPA And Its Implications On Thermographic Inspections - Martin Robinson, IRISS Inc

Thermodynamics Of Furnace Tubes - Killing Popular Myths About Furnace Tube Temperature Measurement - Mikael Cronholm, Cronholm Consulting

Transmission Stability And Infrared Windows: The Effects Of Transmissivity On Data Accuracy - Joe Demonte, TEGG Corporation

ROI Case Study-Paper Mill Saves Budget Dollars With IR Window Program - Martin Robinson, IRISS, inc

The Effect of Solar Load on Equipment Condition Inspection and Assessment Using Thermography - Pawan, Cholamandalam MS Risk Services Ltd

A Review Of Our First 500 Infrared And Pharmacogenomics Patients Implemented At A Comprehensive Breast Center. How Does Infrared Compare To Mammography And MRI? - Philip Bretz, Infrared Institute of the Desert At The Dolores Ash Women's Center

Infrared Thermal Imaging To Prevent Bat Mortality At Wind Farms - Bill Schwahn, Infrared USA

Clinical Application Of Infrared Thermography - Alexander Mostovoy, Thermography Clinic Inc.

Interventional Pain Management In Raynaud’s Disease: The Importance Of Infrared Thermography - Kamayni Agarwal, Center for Palliative Care and Pain Management (TIPS), Doerenberg Medical Center

People Aches And Pains - Herb Sandick

Practical Infrared Imaging Application In Traditional Chinese Medicine (Tcm) - Marcos Brioschi, InfraredMed

The Infrared Thermography Of Diabetic Foot - Gheorghe Serbu, Romanian Society of Thermography

Recent Applications Of Infrared Thermography For Animal Welfare And Veterinary Research: Everything From Chicks To Elephants - John Church, Thompson Rivers University