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InfraMation 2007 Proceedings

InfraMation 2007 (572 pages) - Table of Contents


Forensic Analysis and Rehabilitation of a Failed Freezer Slab
Lee Durston- BS, CBST, BCRA

Infrared at the Bottom of the World
Gary Phetteplace- Consulting Engineer

The Practice of Detecting Termites with Infrared Thermal Imaging Compared to Conventional Techniques
Mark Rentoul- Prime Building & Pest Consultants Pty Ltd.

Influence of Wind Effects on Thermal Imaging – Is the Wind Chill Effect Relevant?
Klaus-Peter Möllmann- Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Using Infrared Thermography as an Added Diagnostic Tool in Building Inspections
Roy Chan- Consumers Choice Property Consultants Inc.

Looking for Moisture: Inspection of a Tourist Village at the South of Spain
Rafael Royo- Universidad Politencia de Valencia

Thermal Imaging: Changing the Nature of Restorative Drying
Jacques Wagner- Multi-Pro Plus

Emissivity Determination and Temperature Calculation of Fluids in Piping Assemblies
Bradley Stolz- Professional Investigative Engineers Inc.

Pilot Study: Fugitive Emission Detection and Measurement
Terence Trefiak- Target Emission Services

Innovative Methodology to Monitor the Condition of Aged Pipelines in Petrochemical Plants
Alberto L. Geraci

Using Infrared Inspection for Anaylsis of Variances in a Crude Unit Start-up
John Coleman- Infrared Scanning Services, Inc

Reliability Improvement of Process Heaters through Infrared Thermography
Sanjib Ghoshal- Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) Insulating Gas Leak Detection with an IR Imaging Camera
Robert Madding and Robert Benson- FLIR Systems

IR Characterization of Bi-Propellant Reaction Control Engines During Auxilary Propulsion Systems Tests at NASA’S White Sands Test Facility in Las Cruces, New Mexico
Elizabeth Holleman- NASA, Spacecraft Propulsion Systems

Looking Through Matter: Quantitative IR Imaging When Observing Through IR Windows
Michael Vollmer – Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Object Discrimination and Optical Performance of Real-Time 2-5 µm Hyperspectral Imager
Mark & Rachel Dombrowski- Surface Optics Corporation

Conducting a Whole House Inspection for Latent Fastener-into-Pipe Defects Using Visual and Thermal Information
Ken VanBree- Imaging Perspective, LLC

Advances in Aerial IR Applications
Gregory R. Stockton, AITscan

Calculating Radiated Heat Loss in Dwellings, Ovens and Other Structures- A Quick and Dirty Method
Bill Venn- Hot Flash Thermography

Don’t Trust- Test
Janet Vics- Infrared Investigations

Thermography Improves Operations at Grocery Stores
Stephen Moore- Intrinsic Energies Indications, LLC

Investigations on Ancient Masonry Structures Using Infrared Thermography
D.S. Prakash Rao- University College of Engineering

Priority Table Rationale for Electrical Substations
Dale Avery- Hydro One Inc.

The Secrets of Transformer Cooling
Jon L. Giesecke- JLG Associates, LLC

Functional Thermography in Diverse Medical Practice
William Cockburn- Academy of Medical Infrared Imaging

Melding Three Emerging Technologies: Pharmacogenomics, Digital Infrared and Argon Gas, to Eliminate Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation in Diagnosing and Treating Breast Cancer
Philip Bretz M.D., Richard Lynch, D.O.- Infrared Institute of the Desert

3D MRI/IR Imaging Fusion: A New Medically Useful Computer Tool
Marcos L. Brioschi, M.D., Ph.D

Thermal Imaging of Medical Saw Blades and Guides
R.B. Dinwiddie- Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Aerial Thermal Imaging of Rivers and Streams in the Pacific Northwest
Thaddeus Fickel- Infrared Baron LLC

Thermal Imaging in the Poultry Industry
Michael Czarick- University of Georgia

From Houses to Horses
Peter Hopkins- SoCal Infrared

The “ODD COUPLE”… The Professor and the Thermographer
Malcom West- Thermal Inspection Services Pty. Ltd.

Infrared Windows: Where Do I Start?
Martin Robinson- IRISS Inc.

Healthy Habits for Home Electrical Inspection
Lynn Blasso- Access Thermography Services

Home Electrical Safety Using Infrared
Joe Demonte- TEGG Corporation

IR Keeps West Virginia Coal Miners Safe
Larry G Massey- Massey Technical Services

MW-IR Reflectance Inspection Through Organic Coatings
Jack Benfer- NAVAIR

Where Do We Start? What is Done with the Data?
Gary Updegraff- City Light and Power, Inc.

Infrared Goes on Safari
John N. Allinson II- Allinson Infrared Inspection Services

Thermographer or Problem Solver?
John Trenaman- Building Quality Assurance Ltd.

Marketing & Building a Thermal Inspection Business… The WOW!!! Factor
Malcom West- Thermal Inspection Services Pty. Ltd.

Thermography Shows Impact of Acupuncture
Kamayni Agarwal- University Medical center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Thermographic Imaging for Interventional Pain Management
Kamayni Agarwal- University Medical center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Thermal Imaging Provides a Closer Look at Stellate Blocks in Pain Management
Kamayni Agarwal- University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Thermal Imaging in Healthy Humans- What is ‘Normal’ Skin Temperature?
Kamayni Agarwal- University Medical center Hamburg-Eppendorf

How Thermography is Carried Out for the National Grid in New Zealand
Lyall Carson- ABB Limited

Specifying Infrared Thermographic Services for Large Buildings
Antonio Colantonio- Public Works & Government Service Canada

Quantitative Thermography Studies of Body Surface Temperature for Medical Diagnosis Linked to Chronic Disease
C. Fillit- National Graduate School for Science and Technology

Revealing Invisible Traces of Hand-Object Interactions with Thermal Vision
Hsin-Ni Ho- NTT Communication Science Laboratories

Monitoring Skin Temperature During Hand-Object Interactions
Hsin-Ni Ho- NTT Communication Science Laboratories

Thermography for Monitoring Changes in Heart Tissue Temperature and for the Evaluation of Graft Patency in Cardiac Surgery
Povilas Jakuka- Kaunas University of Medicine

A Global Strategy for Evaluating Building Roof Performance and Diagnosing Moisture Intrusion into Roofing Systems Using Infrared Thermography and Other Diagnostic Tools
Dan Khudaverdian- Patenaude-Trempe Inc.

Airborne Detection of Gas Leaks from Transmission Pipelines by Using a Laser System Operating in Visual, Near-IR, and Mid-IR Wavelength Bands
Oleg Ershov- Pergam Engineering, Moscow, Russia

Imaging Dilemmas in 180 Hz Magnetic Fields
Michael Kregg- Exelon- Commonwealth Edison

Lens Distortion Correction and Registration of Visible and Thermal Infrared Imagery
Jose L. Lerma- Polytechnic Univeristy of Valencia, Spain

Quarternary Crushers Oil Tanks and Conveyor Idlers
Hennie Matthee, Kumba Iron Ore Ltd.

Using Thermography to Study the Convective Flow of Fractured Rocks
Abraham Medina- Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico

A Thermal IR Processing Technique for Detecting and Tracking Objects in Motion
R. Eddie Melton- U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center

Advancing High Voltage Electrical Surveys
Dine Ninedorf- Ox Creek Energy Associates Inc.

IR Survey Pinpoints Air-Curtains Heat Distribution Problems and Slashes $34,000 from New Jersey Bulk Mail Center Utility Bill
Joseph Pearson- USPS NJI & BMC

Cost and Energy Savings for a Factory Building after Modernizing the Heating System
F. Pinno- Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Power Plant Thermography- Part II
Mike Ralph- Exelon Nuclear

The Importance of IR Thermography in Building Science and the Conservation of Energy in the Residential Sector
Michael Schneider- Infrared Imaging Windsor

Full Body Scan Including Coronary Artery Evaluations Using FLIR Sensors
Hemchandra M. Shertukde- University of Hartford

IR Analysis of the Effect of a Spray Cooler on Human Skin
Carlo Sansottaa- University of Messina, Italy

Using Thermography to Reduce Energy Costs in Paper Mills
Robin J. Thon- Albany International Corp.

Smith & Nephew Orthopedics Reduces Unplanned Downtime by 90% with Help from IR
Allan Warren- Smith & Nephew Orthopedics

Facilities Thermography Program
Buddy Williams- Smith & Nephew Orthopedics

A Satellite in Hot Water
Jason Wyckoff- Space Coast Launch Services