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InfraMation 2006 (438 pages) - Table of Contents


INFRARED THERMOLOGY; It's Use in Forensic Building Science to Solve Moisture Intrusion Problems; Involving Brick/Stone Veneer, Synthetic Stone & EIFS
Kristin Szava- Safety Tech Inc.

Determination of Emissivity Variation of Common Construction Materials and Determination of Angular Effects on the Emissivity Values
Edward Fronapfel - Professional Investigative Engineers, Inc.

Using Thermography to find a Class of Latent Construction Defects in Drain and Vent Lines
Kenneth Van Bree- Imaging Perspective LLC

Insignificant Components?
Peter Emmel – Pacific Gas & Electric

Adjusting Severity Criteria
Jon Giesecke - EPRI Solutions Inc.

Utilization of Infrared Inspection: A Comprehensive Distillation Furnace Inspection Program
John Coleman -Infrared Scanning Services, Inc.

Experimental Research on the use of Thermography To Locate the Heat Signatures of Caves
Jim Thompson - The Explorers Club & The National Speleological Society

Infrared Imaging in the Lost Foam Aluminum Casting Process
Ralph Dinwiddie - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Influence of Gaseous Species on Thermal Infrared Imaging
Michael Vollmer - University of Applied Sciences

Thermal Image Quality – Visualization of Spatial and Thermal Resolution in Thermal Imaging
Klaus-Peter Möllmann - University of Applied Sciences

Applying Infrared Imaging Techniques to Marine Surveying. Combining IR with Audio Gauging
Jack Allinson II - J.N. Allinson Associates, Inc.

Methods of Inspection to Determine the Presence of Potential Arc Flash Incidents
Mark Goodman - UE Systems, Inc.

Quantifying Heat Losses from Buried District Heating Piping via Infrared Thermography
Gary Phetteplace - US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Labor

IR Thermography Assessment Enhanced Compressed Air System Operations & Indirectly Slashed $26K Utility Bills at New Jersey International & Bulk Mail Center
Dilip Pandya - US Postal- NJI & BMC

What if?
Ken Leonard - Progress Energy Carolinas

Building Air Barrier Testing and Verification Using Infrared Thermography and Blower Doors as Part of the Building Commissioning Process
Larry Steinbronn - Advanced Restoration Services

Applications of Infrared Imagery in the Monitoring and Diagnosis of Zoo Animals in Anchorage, Alaska
Judith Reese - Raven Infrared

CNA Saves Its Clients Over $10 Million In 12 Months Of IR Surveys
Thomas Gray – CNA

Hunting Seals with Infrared
Andy Whitcher - Tecpinions Ltd.

Common Errors and Omissions in Medical Thermal Imaging
William Cockburn - Thermal Image Analysis

Dynamic High-Resolution Thermography of Skin
Barbara O’Kane – NVESD

Failure Mode Analysis of Medical Resection Loops Using Thermal Imaging
Art Madenjian - Thermal Imaging Solutions

Can Ergonomic Stress Be Measured Using Thermography
Albert Ohliger - Chevron Inc. - Energy Technology Company

Applications of Thermography in Product Safety
Daniel Ferguson - Hewlett-Packard

A Thermographers Common Sense Approach to Arc Flash Safety
Daryl Androli - Missouri River Energy Services

Infrared Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Factors in the Construction and Installation of Modular and Mobile Homes
Dave McCullen - Sumter Electric Co-Operative Inc.

Infrared Thermography and Water Damage Assessment
Noah Ceteras - Four Star Cleaning and Restoration

Infrared Thermography: Use in Intrusive Investigations
Chris Nutter - Ian Mackinlay Architecture

Thermal Segregation in Asphalt Pavements
Bradley Putman - Clemson University

The Importance of Spatial Resolution in IR Thermography Temperature Measurement—3 Brief Case Studies
Robert Madding - Infrared Training Center

Energy Savings for an Old Factory Building by Optimization of the Heating System
Frank Pinno - University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg

Thermographic Imaging of Myocardial Ischemic Border Zone
Povilas Jakuska - Kaunas Medical University, Institute for Biomedical Research

Condition Monitoring of Switchgear
K.V. Chandrasekar - Danway LLC

A Little Heat Tells a Lot
Loyd May - Waypoint Engineering, Inc.

Thermal Images and Spectrum Characteristics of Objects which are of Interest in Sea Rescues
Mariusz Zielinski - Naval University of Gdynia

Inspecting Gas Fired Furnaces using Infrared Thermography
Jim Battison – Steelscape, Inc.

Single Coat Stucco Surveys
Robert Scherer - Infrared Consultants

3 Temperatures
Coen Boonen - T Service

Development of an On-site Evaluation Method for Building Thermal Performance using an Infrared Camera
Gyoung-Seok Choi – KICT (Korea Institute of Construction Technology)

Water Infiltration Testing using Infrared Thermography
Robert Scherer - Infrared Consultants

IR and Wetting Contamination
Jim Driscoll - Northeast Utilities

Thermography Applied to Cultural Heritage
Marta Magyar - Kreade-Inno S.n.c.

The IR Camera as a Public Relations Tool
Michael McCoy - Tri-State Generation & Transmission Assoc.

Thermal Imaging Scan Reveals the Truth behind the Wall - An Infrared Camera Never Tells a Lie
Peter Hopkins - SoCal Infrared

Geothermal Phenomena Detection using Satellite LANDSAT (ETM+) Imageries
Stanislaw Mularz - University of Mining and Metallurgy

Diagnostical Examinations in Agricultural Fruit and Vegetable Dryers
Laszlo Kovacs - Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering

Arresters Monitoring with Thermography
Tereza Galindo – Chesf

Motor J-Box Thermography Route
Jesse King - Bright Wood Corp.

The Emissivity of Old Cables of Transmission Lines
Tereza Galindo – Chesf

Detecting Circulating Currents and Hot Spots in Normally Non-Current Carrying Conductors and Structural Members
Charles Sample - Tennessee Valley Authority

Predictive Maintenance of HVDC Converter Stations within Manitoba Hydro
Ed Didychuk - Manitoba Hydro

Near Infrared Imaging using State-of-the-Art Cameras and Wavelet Transform Tracker for Embryonic Stem Cell Identification
Hemchandra Shertukde - CETA, University of Hartford

Insulation Performance in Local Authority Housing Using Infrared Thermography
Stewart Little - IRT Surveys Ltd.