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InfraMation 2005 (406 pages) - Table of Contents


Applying Infrared Imaging Techniques to Marine Surveying
John (JACK) N. Allinson - J.N. Allinson Associates, Inc.

Reducing Arc Flash Hazards Through Electrical System Modifications
William Woods - Integrated Engineering Solutions, Inc.

Infrared Thermography for Screening and Early Detection of Mastitis Infections in Working Dairy Herds
Scott Willits - Redwood Infrared

IR Thermography of Microwave Ovens
Michael Vollmer - University of Applied Sciences, Brandenburg, Germany

Infrared Imaging to Measure Cigarette Smoking Induced Vasoconstriction Effects
Christian Kargel - Carinthia Tech Institute, University of Applied Sciences

IR Thermography for Leak Detection of Underground Hot Water Pipes, a Case Study
Marek Witoszek - EBS

Automated IR Imaging, an Overview
Erik Goethert - Boston Engineering

Using IR Thermography to Find a Class of Latent Construction Defects
Ken VanBree - Imaging Perspective, LLC

Applications for Infrared Thermography at Computer Centers
Eric Stockton - CompuScanIR Division, Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc.

Applications of Thermography in Pavement Engineering
Wynand JvdM Steyn - CSIR

Thermal Imaging to Gauge Cooling Efficiency in Injection Molding
Christopher Shaw - CMS Solutions

Operating Cycle Analyses of Different Refrigeration Systems Using Infrared Thermography
Rafael Royo - ITC Spain

Managing PdM with Web-Based Software - The CHIP Program
Michael Ralph - Exelon Nuclear

Using IR Thermography in Power Quality Assessment at the New Jersey International & Bulk Mail Center
Dilip Pandya - US Postal- NJI & BMC

Using Infrared Thermography as an Art Form
Harley Denio - Oregon Infrared, LLC

Asphalt Crack Detection using Thermography
Amr Oloufa - University of Central Florida

Using IR on Insulated Piping Systems
Albert Ohliger - ChevronTexaco

IR Thermography in Hydraulic System Troubleshooting
Tarun Motwani - Saudi Iron & Steel Co. (HADEED)

Selected Critical Applications for Thermography: Convections in Fluids, Selective Emitters and Highly Reflecting Materials
Klaus-Peter Moellmann - University of Applied Sciences, Brandenburg, Germany

What is Hot in IR Micro Vision
Volodymyr Malyutenko - Inst. of Semiconductor Physics

Thermal Response Characteristics of Marine Grade Radome Composites Designed for Use on Spruance Class Naval Destroyers
Neal Mac Namara - Southern Nuclear Company

Aerial IR Thermography Surveys Find Insulator and Other Problems
Derrick Brydges - Hydro One

Can Infrared Scans be Successfully Completed Without Removing Electrical Cabinet Covers?
Joseph DeMonte - ITC and TEGG

Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) with a Spectrally Filtered Cooled Mid-Wave Infrared Camera
David Furry - Leak Surveys, Inc.

Analysis Of HVAC System And Building Performance Utilizing IR Thermography, Physical Measurements And CFD Modeling
Ed Fronapfel - Professional Investigative Engineers

Documentation of Cost Avoidance, a Case Study of what has Worked for Me
James Fieffer - R R Donnelley

Using Infrared Thermography for Coal Silo Fire Tracking
Mack Hoover - OGE Energy Corp

Severity Criteria - How Hot is Too Hot?
Mikael Cronholm - Infrared Training Center

Thermal Patterns Due To Moisture Accumulation Within Exterior Walls
Tony Colantonio - PWGSC

Infrared On-orbit RCC Inspection with the EVA IR Camera: Development of Flight Hardware from a COTS System
Michael Gazarik - NASA Langley Research Center

Performing Mechanical Triage with Ultrasound Technology
Mark Goodman - UE Systems, Inc.

IR Reliability Applications
Robert Bonin - Motiva Enterprises, LLC

Infrared Imaging and Log Home Construction Thermal Performance
Eric Amhaus - Professional Investigative Engineers

Infrared Thermography Program at a Gas-Fired Turbine Generation Plant
Gary Updegraff - City of Colton

Verification of Gas Stratification in a Core Dryer Using Infrared Thermography
Owen Scheck - Louisiana Pacific Corp.

Thermographic Investigation of Clinical Spray Film for Medical Handwraps
Carlo Sansotta - Dept. of P.A.S.S.I. - University of Messina

Using Infrared Thermography for Optimization, Quality Control and Minimization of Damages of Floor Heating Systems
Frank Pinno - University of Applied Sciences, Brandenburg, Germany

An Application of Infrared Thermography - Roofing Survey
Perumal Palani Subramanian - AL Technologies (S) Pte Ltd

Potential application of infrared thermoimage analysis for the evaluation of spray distribution from orchard sprayers
Paolo Menesatti - Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute - Italy

Diagnostic Infrared Thermography Applications in Commercial Environmental Energy and Maintenance Surveys
Dave McCullen - Sumter Electric Cooperative Inc.

Thermal Imaging to Study the Non-Uniform Heating Pattern of Wheat in an Industrial Microwave Dryer
A. Manickavasagan - University of Manitoba

Thermography in the Balkans Carton board Mill - Starting from Scratch
Ognjan Maletic - Umka AD Fabrika Kartona

Ken Leonard - Progress Energy

Building Sciences - Infrared Thermography: The Key to Conducting Inspections and Preliminary Determinations
JL “Skiter” Kowalski - AQM Consultants, LLC

The Application of Infrared Thermography in Experiments for Creation of Reversible Block of Conductivity in Atria
Povilas Jakuska - Kaunas Medical University, Institute for Biomedical Research

Infrared Thermography in the Process Gas Plant
Randy Gates - Burlington Resources

Tools and Trends in the Infrared Industry
Scott Cawlfield - Logos Computer Solutions

Infrared Inspection on Electrical Installations in Hospitals
Muhammed Azmi Dani - Faber Medi-Serve Sdn Bhd