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InfraMation 2004 (406 pages) - Table of Contents


Infrared Applications for Post Construction Radiant Heating Systems
Eric G. Amhaus, Professional Investigative Engineers, Edward L. Fronapfel, Professional Investigative Engineers

Review of Recent Developments in Thermographic Applications in Health Care
Marcos Leal Brioschi, Jose Viriato Vargas, Osvaldo Malafaia, Brazilian Society of Thermology, Department of Mechanical Engineering UFPR

Local Temperature Rises Caused by the Use of Commercial Mobile Phones
Christian Kargel, Division of Medical Information Technology, Carinthia Tech Institute, University of Applied Sciences

Dynamics of Human Thermal Signatures
Barbara L. O’Kane, US Army Night Vision, Philip Sandick, Columbia University, Todd Shaw and Mike Cook, EOIR Technologies, Inc

The Use of Infrared Thermal Imaging in Indoor Environmental Investigations
Mary A. Finn, the Finn Group

IR for Detection of Exterior Wall Moisture and Delamination: A Case Study and Comparison to FEA Predictions
Jack M. Kleinfeld, Kleinfeld Technical Services, Inc

Roof Gardens and IRT
Steward Little, IRT Surveys Ltd

Using Infrared Thermography to Determine the Effectiveness of Radiant Barriers
Michael Albert Ohliger, University of Houston

Non-Invasive Roof Leak Detection Using Infrared Thermography
Scott Wood, Four Star Cleaning and Restoration, Inc.

Applying Infrared Imaging Techniques to Marine Surveying… continued
John (JACK) N. Allinson, J.N. Allinson Associates, Inc.

Applications of Infrared Cameras in the Paving Industry
Serji Amirkhanian and Eric Hartman, Civil Engineering Department Clemson University

Communication Prevails Over Familiarization
Mark Bringold, General Motors Saginaw Metal Casting Operations

Three Ways the Pest Professional Can Use Infrared Thermography
Bart Bruni, Spectrum Infrared Building Solutions

Use of Thermography to Calibrate Fusion Welding Procedures in Virtual Fabrication Applications
Duncan Camilleri, Tom Gray, Tugrul Comlekci, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Strathclyde

Engine Header Coating Comparison
Joe Demonte, Infrared Training Center (ITC)

Infrared Thermography at the Savannah River Site
David Gleaton, Savannah River Site

Using Sound Imaging to Enhance Your Diagnosis
Mark Goodman, UE Systems, Inc.

IR Window Transmittance Temperature Dependence
Robert P. Madding, Infrared Training Center, FLIR Systems, Inc.

Using Infrared and Ultrasonic Technology in a Predictive Maintenance Program
Daryl Androli, Missouri River Energy Services

Thermography of Microsystems
K.- P. Möllmann, N. Lutz, and M. Vollmer, University of Applied Sciences, Brandenburg Ch. Wille, Clariant GmbH

Is Electrical Switchgear Safe?
Tony Holliday, Hawk IR International Ltd.

Analysis of Thermal Characteristics of Supercell Thunderstoms and Tornadoes
Stephen Moore, Intrinsic Energies Indications, LLC, Robin Tanamachi, University of Oklahoma, Howard Bluestein, University of Oklahoma, Robert Madding, Infrared Training Center, FLIR Systems, Inc, Curtis Alexander, University of Oklahoma

Positive IR Results In the Refining Industry
Robert G. Bonin, Motiva Enterprises LLC., Inspection Dept., Port Arthur Refinery

Minimize Downtime and Costly Repairs with the Use of Temperature Tracking
Elizabeth R. Patterson, United States Steel Corporation

Electric Motor Diagnostics
Howard W. Penrose, ALL-TEST Pro, A Division of BJM Corp.

Infrared Imaging and the Detection of Great White Sharks and Cape Fur Seals
John (JACK) N. Allinson, Allinson Infrared Inspection Services (AIRIS), Inc.

Power Plant Thermography – Wide Range of Applications
Michael J.Ralph, Exelon Nuclear –LaSalle Station

Applications for High-Speed Infrared Imaging
Austin A. Richards, FLIR Systems, Inc., Indigo Operations

Characterization of Automotion Brake Thermal Conditions by the Use of Infrared Thermography
Rafael Royo, Uinversidad Politecnica de Valencia, Francisco Martin-Hernandez, Renault Espana

Recent Advances in Pulsed Thermography
Steven M. Shepard, Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc.

Monitoring the Process Conditions in Oil Field Production Vessels with Infrared Technology
Danny Sims, Chevron Texaco – Mid Continent Business Unit, Operations Standardization & Improvement Group

Infrared Cameras Enhance Productivity and Safety at GM
Daniel Sinclair, General Motors Corporation, Leonard Phillips

Identification and Suppression of Thermal Reflections in Infrared Thermal Imaging
M. Vollmer, S. Henke, D. Karstadt, K.-P. Mollmann and F. Pinno, University of Applied Sciences, Brandenburg

Thermographic Monitoring of Refractory Lines Petroleum Refinery Equipment
Andy Whitcher, Tecpinions,Ltd

Thermography Consulting – The Nuts and Bolts of Getting Started
Scott Willits, Redwood Infrared

Using IR Surveys to Locate Corrosion Under Wet Insulation
David A. Hatfield, DuPont Dow Elastomers

Thermography Applications in Technology Research
Pavel Litos, Milan Honner, Josef Kunes, University of West Bohemia

Using Infrared for Residential Energy Surveys
Dave McCullen, Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Detecting Air Leaks in Low Emissivity Enclosures
Stephen S. Moore, Intrinsic Energies Indications, LLC

Producing Infrared Images from Financial Figures
Bill Morgan, Morgan & Associates, International

The Use of Thermal Imagery in Locating Stress Fractures in Yachts
Craig T. Saunders, Thermal Imaging Techniques

Challenges in Infrared Imaging: Low Emissivities of Hot Gases, Metals, and Metallic Cavities
M. Vollmer, S. Henke, D. Karstadt, K.-P. Möllmann and F. Pinno, University of Applied Sciences, Brandenburg

Lagged Pipe Survey
Jon Willis, FLIR Systems Ltd.

Using IR Surveys in DUNAFERR Steelworks Complex Diagnostic System
Laszlo Papp, DUNAFERR Company Group (Hungary)

Oil Analysis – Proper Testing for Maximum Value and Equipment Condition Information
Patrick Forgeron, Analysts, Inc.