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InfraMation 2003 (294 pages) - Table of Contents

Applying Infrared Imaging Techniques to Marine Surveying
John Allinson, J.N. Allinson Associates - Jacksonville, FL

Infrared Technology for Preservation
Phil McMullan, Thermo-Scan Inspections - Carmel, IN

Infrared Applications in the Fields of Forensic & Construction Defect Engineering
Eric G. Amhaus, B.S., E.I.T. , Professional Investigative Engineers (PIE) - Westminster, CO

Ingredients of a Successful Electrical IR Predictive Maintenance Program
Stephen S. Moore, Intrinsic Energies Indications, LLC - Saline, MI

Electricity Provider Provides Infrared Inspections to Member Companies
Daryl Androli, Missouri River Energy Services - Sioux Falls, SD

Infrared Best Practices
Terry O'Hanlon, ReliabilityWeb.com - Fort Myers, FL

Paper Mill Predictive Maintenance Utilizing Infrared
Larry W. Baird, Augusta Newsprint Company - Augusta, GA

Horsehead (Beam) Pump IR Analysis
Albert Amedee Ohliger, ChevronTexaco Inc - Energy Research and Technology Company - Bellaire, TX

IR Applications for Process Vessels
Robert Bonin, Motiva Enterprises LLC - Port Arthur, TX

Energy Auditing Using Predictive Engineering Techniques
Diane Pemberton, Capital PDM - Essex, UK

NDE of Reinforced Concrete Strengthened with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites using Infrared Thermography
Jeff R. Brown, University of Florida - Gainesville, FL

Financial Impact of Electric Motor System Reliability Programs
Dr. Howard W. Penrose, Ph.D., ALL-TEST Pro - A Division of BJM Corp - Old Saybrook, CT

Infrared Inspection Data: What's Hot and What's Not?
Scott Cawlfield, Logos Computer Solutions, Inc. - Seattle, WA

Remote Predictive Engineering
Angus Robertson, Capital PdM, Essex, UK

Use of Infrared Imaging for Track & Field
W.D. Corley, Jr., MD. - Colorado Springs, CO

Sniffing out Flue Gas Leaks with Infrared Thermography
Phillip M. Romero, El Paso Electric - El Paso, TX

Geometry Effects; Hedging Your Bet on Emissivity!
Mikael Cronholm, ITC - Sweden

IR thermography inspections of boilers before and after outages
Keith May, Entergy Services, Inc. -Vicksburg, MS

Using Thermography in a Petroleum Refinery to Supplement Ultrasonic Testing of a Vapor Line
Bill Davis, Chevron Oil - El Segundo, CA

Application and Methodology for Locating Storm Water Discharges Using Aerial Infrared Thermography
Greg Stockton, Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. - Randleman, NC

Infrared Thermography in Container Heat Shield Development
John E. Franta, General Motors, North American Operations - Mesa, AZ

Lightning Arrester Effect on Power Line Reliability
Richard Strmiska, Sumter Electric Cooperative - Sumterville, FL

Infrared Inspection of Online Electrical Equipment
Antony Holliday, Hawk IR International Ltd. - UK

Inspections on Agricultural Aircraft
O.J. Utter, Northwest Electric, Inc. - Columbus, NE

Innovative Non-invasive Measures of Thermal Stability in Low Birth Weight Infants
Kimberly Horns PhD, University Hospital - SLC, UT

Infrared Inspection Techniques for Evaluating Polished Metal Objects and the Implications for Decreasing Operating Temperatures
John C. Voitl

IR Surveys of Electrical Vaults
Ken Leonard, Progress Energy - Raleigh, NC

Infrared Thermography Revolutionizes Asphalt Paving
Kim Willoughby, Washington State DOT - Seattle, WA

Surface Emissivity Property in Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting Engineering
Joshua Huang, Exco Engineering - Newmarket, ON

The Art Of Furnace Tube Skin Temperature Analysis
A.J. LeClercq, Electro-Test Inc. - Convent, LA

Characterization of the Exhaust Flow into the Catalytic Converter of a Spark-Ignition Engine by the Application of Infrared Thermography
Rafael Royo Pastor, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia - Spain

Testing Building Envelope Leaks with Airborne Ultrasound
Mark Goodman, UE Systems, Inc. - Elmsford, NY

Safe and Effective Use of IR Viewing Ports
Martin Robinson, Capital PDM - Essex, UK

Effects on Thermography Due to the Curvature of the Porcine Eye
Donald J. Hatcher, Naval Health Research Center Detachment - Brooks City-Base, TX

Capturing a Failure of an ASIC IN-SITU, Using Infrared Radiometry and Image Processing Software
Ronald Ruiz, Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Pasadena, CA

Temperature Measurements of Carbon Materials in Fusion Devices at High Heat Fluxes
Dieter Hildebrandt, Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik - Berlin, Germany

Moisture Intrusion Inspections of Stadiums through the use of Thermal Imagery
Craig T. Saunders, Thermal Imaging Techniques - Wilmington, NC

Monitoring the Condition of a BioTechnology Manufacturing Complex with IR Thermography
Jeremy S. Kacuba, Merck & Co., Inc. - West Point, PA

Thermography Detection on the Fatigue Damage of Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) Steels
Bing Yang, Materials Science and Engineering Dept., Univ. of Tennessee - Knoxville, TN