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InfraMation 2001 (238 pages) - Table of Contents

What are you looking at? - a thermographer's view of IR blunders
Richard L. Harrison, Vibration analyst, Consolidated Diesel Company, Whitakers, N.C.

Petroleum facility transformer preventive maintenance.
Robert Bonin, Motiva, Inc., Port Arthur, Texas and Albert Amedee Ohliger, Texaco Inc.

Predictive maintenance integration in the newspaper industry.
Jim Sullivan, New York Times, Edison, NJ

Criticality of oil level of power transformers and regulators.
James Dan Roark, Knoxville Utilities Board, Knoxville, Tennessee

Using IR cameras for process control.
Ron Predmesky, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan and Terry Ruane, FLIR Systems, Inc.

Discovering misalignment with infrared - the damage is done.
Jimmy McLeod, Mississippi Power, Mississippi

Finding internal electrical resistance from external IR thermography measurements on oil-filled circuit breakers during operation
Robert Madding, ITC, FLIR Boston

Infrared diagnostic of substation feeder problems.
Jeff Sullivan, Mississippi Power Company, Hattiesburg, MS

Texaco's use of infrared on fired process heaters.
Albert Amedee Ohliger, Texaco Inc., Bellaire, Texas

Corona discharge phenomena.
Dan Ninedorf, Specialized Camera Sales & Service, LLC.

Diverse applications of IR thermography in South Africa.
John R. Riley and Terence F Oosthuizen, Alexander Forbes Risk Engineering, Johannesburg South Africa

An application of thermography with human skin.
Roderick A. Thomas, Faculty of Applied Design and Engineering, Swansea Institute, UK

Online maintenance resources.
Terrance O'Hanlon, publisher Reliabilityweb.com, Fort Myers, Florida

A thermographer's guide to infrared detectors.
Herb Kaplan, Honeyhill Technical Company, Norwalk, CT and Tom Scanlon, FLIR Systems - Boston

Finding our niche with infrared technology.
Terry Christie, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, UT / Battelle, Oak Ridge, TN 37831

Development of a utility feeder infrared thermography PdM program - with lessons learned.
Michael A. Kregg Commonwealth Edison, Maywood, IL

Substation Equipment (Bushings).
Mark B. Goff, P.E., Tennessee Valley Authority, Chattanooga TN

Using infrared imaging on production storage tanks & vessels.
Danny Lee Sims, Texaco Exploration & Production, Midland, Texas

Thermal evaluation of low & medium temperature refrigerated facilities.
Phillip C. McMullan, TSI Thermo-Scan Inspections, Carmel, IL

The professional infrared thermographer.
Sandy Sanor, HSB Thermography Services, Alexandria, VA

Water deluge test method for establishing through-wall water penetration in a concrete masonry unit structure
Kathryn M. Barker, American Infrared Testing & Consulting, St. Petersburg, Florida

Advances in selected applications and methodology for aerial infrared thermography.
Greg Stockton, Stockton Infrared Services

Masonry Flaw Detection and Evaluation.
Matthew J. Innocenzi & J. Eric Peterson, Whitlock Dalrymple Poston & Associates, Inc., Manassas, VA

Infrared thermography in the evaluation of cleaning interventions on architectural surfaces.
A. Moropoulou, N.P. Avdelidis, E.T. Delegou, M. Koui, University of Athens, Greece

Finding sources of energy waste with ultrasound and infrared technology integration.
Mark Goodman, UE Systems, Inc., Elmsford, NY

Using infrared thermography with ultrasound to predict mechanical failures.
William Mitchell and Thomas Griswold, United Parcel Service, Hodgkins, IL

An overview of infrared thermography applications for nondestructive testing in the aerospace industry
Rob Spring, Snell Infrared, Montpelier, VT

Thermographic evaluation of coating thickness in superalloy turbine parts.
E.M. (Cris) Crisman, Duke Engineering & Services, Huntersville NC.

Applying the benefits of infrared thermography in naval aviation.
Jed Figg, and Thomas Daquila, NATEC, San Diego, California

Thermal image processing for glue presence detection.
A.-C. Legrand, P. Gorria, and F. Meriaudeau, Laboratoire Le2I, University of Burgundy (Dijon), France

Utilizing thermography to obtain thermal characteristics of developing cumuliform clouds and thunderstorm base clouds
Stephen S. Moore, Intrinsic Energies Indications, LLC, Saline, Michigan

Which freezes faster, hot water or cold water ?
Jeffrey A. Buss and Michael E. Leuz, Infrared Experts, Inc., Ottsville, PA