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InfraMation 2000 (229 pages) - Table of Contents

Just try it!
Robert J. Rogers, Infrared Training Center-Boston

Update on infrared applications for steam turbine condenser systems
Mark A. Lanius, PECO Energy Company

Shake, rattle & roll: (Where's there's heat there's probably vibration.)
Richard L. Harrison, Consolidated Diesel Company

Generator step-up transformer, low voltage bushing overheating event
Richard Bjornson, Seabrook Nuclear Power Station

Infrared inspections of robotic welders in automotive assembly
Frank Calmes, Ford Motor Co.

Substation inspection guidelines
Mark B. Goff, Tennessee Valley Authority

Common misconceptions in infrared thermography condition based maintenance applications
Robert P. Madding, Infrared Training Center - Boston

Ultrasound, infrared and vibration: how they assist the thermographer
Mark Goodman, UE Systems, Inc

IR thermography in BP Amoco - petrochemical applications
John Nyholt, BP AMOCO

Texaco's use of infrared on process gasifier systems as a predictive maintenance tool and the effects of wind on ir survey accuracy
Albert Amedee Ohliger, Texaco Inc

Time saving links in report generation
Nina Olinger, General Motors

Infrared diagnostics on padmount transformer elbows
Jeff Sullivan, Mississippi Power Company

Predicting mechanical systems failures using IR thermography
Brian D. Susralski and Thomas Griswold, United Parcel Service

Expanding utilization of IR technology in automation
Chris Alicandro, FLIR Systems, Inc. - Boston

Infrared spectral bands-the importance of color in the infrared
Herbert Kaplan, Honeyhill Technical Company

Thermography in dermatology
Roderick A Thomas and Kelvin Donne, Swansea Institute; Marc Clement, University of Wales; Mike Kiernan, ICN Photonics

The value of infrared thermography in the diagnosis and prognosis of injuries in animals
Donna L. Harper, VetMaps

Maintenance excellence: putting it all together
Ed Murray, Exelon Infrastructure Services

Hot enough for you? - Applications of IR thermal imaging equipment in the fire service
Ronald D. Lucier, Infrared Training Center - Boston

Thermography in the paper mill; detecting moisture irregularities
Norm Gaver, Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services Inc.

Thermographic trending of injection molding machine electric motor performance
Stephen S. Moore, Intrinsic Energies Indications, LLC

Nondestructive testing for AmericaOne
Ron Predmesky and Matt Zaluzec, Ford Motor Company

Thermographic anomalies in roof membranes: Wet insulation or false indications
Kathryn M. Barker, American Infrared Testing & Consulting

Thermographic evaluation of concrete masonry walls: have they been properly reinforced?
Gregory R. Stockton, Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc

Flaw detection and evaluation of airport pavements by means of infrared thermography
A. Moropoulou*, N.P. Avdelidis, M. Koui, K. Kakaras, National Technical University of Athens

How infrared thermography helps Southern California Edison improve grid reliability
Bob Turnbull and Steve McConnell, Southern California Edison

Development of a utility infrared thermography preventive maintenance program - with lessons learned II
Michael A. Kregg, Commonwealth Edison

A different way to determine repair priorities using a weighted matrix methodology
John Snell, Snell Infrared

A web-based cost benefit analysis method for predictive maintenance
Richard N. Wurzbach, Maintenance Reliability Group

Infrared vision system for glue detection in plastic lids
A.-C. Legrand, P. Gorria and F. Meriaudeau, University of Burgundy

IR thermography for electronic assembly design verification
Richard J. Fishbune, IBM Corporation

Certification - the key to future thermography markets
Mikael Cronholm, Infrared Training Center-Sweden

Trend analysis for thermographic surveys of electrical equipment
Zbigniew Korendo and Marek Florkowski, ABB Corporate Research