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InfraMation 2011 Proceedings

InfraMation 2011 - Table of Contents 

Electrical Load versus Heat: A Residential Experiment - Joe DeMonte

Use of Microscopes and Telescopes in Thermal Imaging - Ralph Dinwiddie

Infrared Temperature Measurement Applied in Accelerated Cooling Pilot Process Control - Marcelo Moreira Furst Gonçalves

IR Evaluation of Insulated Pipelines to Detect Trapped Water that Could Cause Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) - Doug Burleigh

Thermography Use within RESNET Standards - Edward L. Fronapfel and Ryan J. Barnes

Survey Tools and Techniques for the Oil and Gas Industry - Butch Gidney

Don’t Be a Victim of an LTA Transformer PdM Program - Jon Giesecke

Creating IR Metrics for Electrical and Mechanical Faults to Estimate $ Losses Avoided by IR Surveys - Thomas Gray

Finding R-Values of Stud Frame Wall Construction with IR Thermography in a High Diurnal Temperature Cycle Environment - Robert Madding

Optics of Glass Fronts of Buildings: The Science of Skyscraper “Death Rays” - Klaus Peter Möllmann

OSHA and NFPA 70: Implications on Energized Thermography of Electrical Distribution Systems - Martin Robinson

Use of Optical Gas Imaging to Meet New EPA GHG Reporting Requirements - Terence Trefiak

Thermography for Building Science Applications - Scott Wood

LDAR M21/AWP Cost-Effectiveness Review - Joe Wilwerding

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR): Past, Present, and Future U.S. EPA Region 5 Air Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Section (Mi/Wi) - Kosta Loukeris