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InfraMation 2012 Proceedings

InfraMation 2012 - Table of Contents

White Papers

A Technique to Directly Measure Relative Humidity with the Infrared Camera - Rafael Royo & Mar Cañada

Dark Colors of Building Walls – Thermal Problems Due to Solar Load - F. Pinno, K.-P. Möllmann & M. Vollmer

Detecting Abnormal Heating of Earth Rod by Infrared Technology - Sherub Tharchen & Rabi Pradhan

Detecting Breast Cancer Using Infrared Technology - Anthony Piana, DC, FPACT

Firefighting and Thermal Camera Use: One Way Doesn’t Fit All - Hans Godding

How to Identify and Manage Leaks in Hydraulic Tensioning Systems - Jose L. Gutierrez

Infrared Beyond Space and Time - OJ Utter

Infrared Roof Scanning and Inspection to Determine Roof Replacement Schedule for a Condo Corporation in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Alain Charron, P. Eng., ing.

Interesting IR Opportunities Found over 14 years as a Distribution Line and Substation Thermographer - Ken Leonard

IR Thermography Applications in Science World at Telus World of Science in Vancouver, BC, Canada - Marek Witoszek

Know Your Subject Matter - Peter Emmel & Jim Neilson

Marketing to the Commercial Building Sciences Industry - Tracy Jastrow

Maximizing the Return on Your Infrared Electrical Inspection Investment - Bob Fink

Surprising Warm Edges Associated with Moisture on Surfaces - M. Vollmer, K.-P. Möllmann & S. Wood

Sustaining an IR Program When the Low-Hanging Fruit Is Gone - Deborah Hays

Techniques for Identifying Problems in Transformers - Saira Dar

The 5 Ps of Marketing: Product, Place, Price, Promotion & P.T. Barnum - Wes Moore, Richard Wexler & R.D. Symms

The Importance of Utilizing Infrared Technology to Locate Water Infiltration - John P. Monroe, RA

The Necessary Information and Tools for Identifying Building Moisture Intrusion - Jim Schwarz

Thermal Effects Due to Focused Light from Glass Fronts - K.-P. Möllmann & M. Vollmer

Thermographic Investigation of Power MOSFET and Wirebond Heating under Conditions of High Current and Reduced Wirebond Count - Roy Davis & Stephen Moore

Think “Abnormal” to Improve Your Infrared Surveys - Valentino (Val) De Rocili, PhD., ITC Level III

Transforming Science Education with IR Imaging - Charles Xie

Tune Up Your Condition Monitoring Program by Answering the Five W’s - Robert P. Madding & William Woyshner

Using Infrared Thermal Imaging to Determine Thermal Transfer in Windows - Bill Schwahn

Using Thermography and a Blackened Sphere to Measure Thermal Comfort - Jean-Michel Demoyer & Antoine Hammon Mensor

Short Courses

Building Applications Clinic

Building Diagnostics - Identification and Interpretation of Thermal Anomalies Clinic

Building Introduction to IR Clinic

CM Introduction to IR Clinic

FLIR Reporter Template Design Clinic

FLIR Tools Clinic

Going Beyond Infrared Clinic

HVAC IR Clinic

FLIR i7 Operation Clinic

Indoor Electrical Applications Clinic

Mechanical Clinic

New Techniques in Grease Sampling Analysis Clinic

NFPA-70E 2012 Safety Clinic

Nondestructive Testing Clinic

Outdoor Electrical Applications Clinic

Promoting Your IR Business Clinic

Roof Inspection Clinic

The Use of Blower Doors to Measure Building Enclosure Air Tightness Clinic

Thermography in the Commercial Environment Clinic

Ultrasound Back to the Basics and How It Applies to IR Inspections Clinic