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InfraMation 2013 Proceedings

InfraMation 2013 - Table of Contents

White Papers

Using IR Surveys in Personal Insurance Pre-Loss Inspections - Austin Tucker

Use of Infrared Technology to Measure the Thermal Neutral Zone of Animals - Debra Sime, DVM & Vaughan Langman, PhD

Understanding the Science of Infrared Thermography to Identify Building Defects - John P. Monroe, RA

The Use of Infrared Thermography to Evaluate Uniform Isothermal Environments of a Heat Pipe Furnace - Jeehoon Choi & Yunkeun Lee

The Magic of the Invisible: Using IR Imaging in Physics Education - M. Vollmer & K.-P. Möllmann

The Dragon Rises: Thermal Revelations for Health and Wellness - Carol Chandler

The Allure of Multicolored Images: Building Thermography Examined Closely - K.-P. Möllmann & M. Vollmer

The “Perfect” Measurement System - Matt Kenchel

Successful Practical Applications of the Use of IR Windows in Electrical Power Generation - John Pace

Moisture Detection at Building Walls Using Evaporative Cooling - F. Pinno, K.-P. Möllmann & M. Vollmer

Looking Underground to Improve Reliability of Electrical Circuits - Stephen E. Chad

Infrared Thermography in Building Air Tightness Testing - Randy Keel & Phil Wilson

Infrared that Goes Bump in the Night - Michael Lauby

Infrared as Art—Taking Your Skills from the Field to the Gallery and Beyond - Bob Fink

Infrared as a Tool in Building Energy Audits - Jim Park

Influence of Environmental Factors on Infrared Eye Temperature Measurements in Cattle - John S. Church, Jessica Krauchi, Bruno Cinel, Paige R. Hegadoren, Mark J. Paetkau, Chris C. Miller, Gilly Regev-Shoshani, Allan L. Schaefer, Dipesh Prema &Karen Schwarkzkopf-Genswein

Improvement of Predictive Maintenance of Outdoor Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Using IR Technology - Hector Linares

Implementing a Gas Leak Detection Program in a Petrochemical Refinery - Andy Whitcher

How to Achieve an Energuide Rating of 91 with the Help of an IR Camera - Michael Schneider

Historic Building Assessment Using Infrared Thermography - A Considered Approach - Charles Bransby-Zachary, BSc MRICS

Furnace Tube Coking – A Case Study - Andy Whitcher & Karl Rees

Evaluating Nocturnal Carnivores and Their Ungulate Prey in Zambia Using Thermal Technology - Elias Rosenblatt

Effects of Solar Loading on the Limits of Predictability of Internal Delamination Defects in Concrete Using Infrared Thermography - Matthew Scott & Deon Kruger

Effective and Practical Application of Various PdM Technologies Including Infrared - Geoffrey Generalovic

Comparison of Infrared Thermography of the Eye and Rectal Temperature for Obtaining True Body Temperature as Measured by a Reticulum Bolus in Beef Cattle - Jessica Krauchi, Mark J. Paetkau, Chris C. Miller, Gilly Regev-Shoshani, Allan L. Schaefer, Bruno Cinel, Dipesh Prema & John S. Church

Assessing Efficacy of Air Leakage Retrofit Solutions by IRT Image Evaluation Using Fault Severity Indexing - Garry Desroches & Antonio Colantonio

Applications of Passive Infrared Imaging to Forensic Facial Recognition - Thirimachos Bourlai, Dean Pollina & Robert G. Cutlip

Application of Mid-Wave and Long-Wave IR Imaging in Large-Scale Rack-Storage Fires - Jaap de Vries, Ph.D.

Short Courses

Thermal Bypass Clinic

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Clinic

Advanced Building Applications Clinic

Indoor Electrical Applications Clinic

Redline IR - IR Cameras at Their Limits Clinic

Bearing Analysis Clinic

Mechanical Clinic

3D Printing Clinic

FLIR Tools+ Clinic

Motor Testing Clinic

Ultrasonic Clinic

Pinpointing Building Energy Loss Clinic

OGI Essentials Clinic

Moisture in Porous Materials Clinic

Home Inspection Clinic

Thermal Imaging in Building Forensics Clinic

Advanced Condition Monitoring Clinic