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InfraMation 2015 Proceedings

InfraMation 2015 - Table of Contents

White Papers

Preventing and Identifying Potential Failures of Dead Break Elbows in Wind Farm Applications - Brian Peyres - Sr. High Voltage Reliability Engineer at EDP Renewables

Bridge Condition Assessment by IR Thermography - Masato Matsumoto of NEXCO-West USA, Inc.

Infrared and Ultraviolet Inspection of Electrical Equipment: Are They Opposite Sides of the Same Coin? - Roel Stolper of Council Scientific Industrial Research

Thermal Imaging and Tracking Therapeutic Progression - Jeremy Bannock M.OMSc, HBSc Kin.

10 Years and 10,000 IR Thermography Surveys By CNA Thermographers - John Whitmer of CNA

Performance Optimization Techniques for Rooftop HVAC Equipment - Brian Coldwell, P.E., CxA of RCI Engineering, Inc.

Techniques for Thermal Characterization of Reprocessed Surgical Equipment - John D. Rasberry, BSME MS of Thermal Energetics

Evaluation of Hot Mix Asphalt Material Remixing Devices - Jeff Benefield, PE of Alabama Department of Transportation

A Fast Quantitative Measurement Method for Building Envelope R-Value - Kirk (Keke) Zheng of Texas Engineering Experiment Station

Factors Affecting Accurate Furnace Thermography - Andy Whitcher of Tecpinions Ltd

Determining Sources of Building Assembly Moisture Using IRT (or Know When to Hold'em and When to Fold'em) - Antonio Colantonio & Gregory B. McIntosh

Techniques for Predicting Problems in a Constant Flow Mineral Processing Plant - Bruce Eldridge of Robinson Nevada Mining Company

The Use of Infrared Thermography to Evaluate a Loop Heat Pipe for Server Computer Applications - Jeehoon Choi, Ph.D. of Zalman Tech, Seung Youn (Jerry) Kim of EL Corporation, and Dongoo Lee, Eunphil Lee & Yongsoo Jang of Zalman Tech

Identifying Common Issues and Misconceptions in Imaging 120-480 Volt Panels - Daryl Androli of Missouri River Energy Services

It's in the Atmosphere! - Understanding and Dealing with the Most Unpredictable Measurement Factor in Furnace Diagnosis - Mikael Cronholm

IR Air Visualization Tool for Energy Assessment of Kitchen Ventilation Hoods - Caitlyn Clark of Western Kentucky University, Robert Choate of Western Kentucky University & Jimmy Sandusky of Halton Company

Application of Infrared Thermography in Leak Detection in Water Distribution Networks - Zahra Zangenehmadar & Osama Moselhi of Concordia University

Adventures in BS Thermography (Building Science) - Scott Harris of propertyexam.com and portlandinfrared.com

Infrared Thermal Imaging in Engineering Education - John S. Allen, Rintaro Hayashi, Tyler Hee-Wai of Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Hawai'i Manoa

Thermal Signature of a Resistor - Jack Shue, Jay Brusse & Lyudmyla Panashchenko of National Aeronautics and Space Administration / Goddard Space Flight Center

Lessons Learned Implementing a Mechanical Infrared Program at an Aerospace Testing Facility - Dan Henley, Infrared Program Lead at Aerospace Testing Alliance, Arnold Engineering Development Complex

Using Thermography for Sports Medicine and Sports Performance - Carl Valle USATF II at Segterra, Inc.

Infrared Thermography for Building Enclosures: Use and Misuse - Jason Tilley, P.E. & Andrew Faulkner of Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.

High Performance Building Envelopes – IR Scanning to create an Integrated Design and Construction Feedback Loop - Matt Cable of DIALOG

Optical Gas Imaging Versus U.S. EPA Method 21 - David Ranum of Sage Environmental Consulting, L.P.

The Art of the Application: Delivering Exceptional Transparency in the Global Crude Oil Futures Market - David Francoeur & Jonathan Sullivan of Genscape, Inc.

How to be Successful in Building Thermography: The Do's and Don'ts in a Crime Scene Case Study - Maud Hovens of IRIS Thermovision

Checking for Flaws in Spray Foam Insulation Using Infrared and Blower Door - Randy Kiez of ATLAS Infrared Inc. / Exp Services Inc.

IR Detects Thinning of Copper Slurry Tube Rubber Sleeves - Ken Medley of Ken Medley

Facial Recognition by Using Multispectral Imagery - Thirimachos Bourlai of West Virginia University

IR Clinics and Short Courses

IR Imaging Master Class – History, Science and Modern Technology - K.-P. Möllmann & M. Vollmer

Advanced Thermal Tuning "See What You Might Be Missing" - David Andersen

Developing An Effective Infrared Program - Ron Tangen

Building Systems Know-How Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Envelope - Aaron Adams

Analyzing Moisture Problems in Cold Climates Using Infrared and Blower Door - Randy Kiez, Level II at ATLAS Infrared / Exp Services Inc.

Diagnosing Fired Heaters with Thermography - Mikael Cronholm

Don't Walk Away From Infrared Scans of Reflective Roofing Systems - Ben Hixson of Hixson Consultants, Inc.

Thermographic Systems used to Identify Errors and Omissions in Placement of Structural Reinforcement in High Rise Buildings - Joseph Ferrell & Buster Marohn

Continuous Monitoring of Bushings, Breakers and HV Switchgear Non-Invasive Radiometric Analysis - Robin Thompson

Ultrasonic PdM Workshop - Mark Goodman of UE Systems

NFPA® 70E 2015 "Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace" Electrical Safety for Infrared Thermographers - John Waggoner of Infrared Training Center

FLIR Tools Software Clinic - Jason Gagnon & Paul Frisk of Infrared Training Center

FLIR Tools+ Software Clinic - Jason Gagnon & Paul Frisk of Infrared Training Center

FLIR Tools Mobile App for iOS Clinic - Jason Gagnon & Paul Frisk of Infrared Training Center

FLIR Tools Mobile App for Android Clinic - Jason Gagnon & Paul Frisk of Infrared Training Center

Optical Gas Imaging Essentials Clinic - Ron Lucier of Infrared Training Center

Advanced R&D Thermography: Tools, Techniques, Tips and Tricks - Ralph B. Dinwiddie

Mechanical Applications / Vibration Analysis Clinic - Joe DeMonte

Building Thermal Envelope Commissioning with Thermography - Bill Schwahn